Birdwatching Tour

Birds: More than 60 bird species can be found flying, resting, and nesting in the rainforest reserve. From the colorful toucans to the pollinating hummingbirds to the striking king vulture…

Rainforest Night Walk

Most of the rainforest dwellers awake from their slumber and come out of their hiding spots after dark, so why not a nocturnal walk through the forest. Once the sun goes down, the animals come out to hunt…

Coffee & Cacao

Coffee & Cacao Learn about the Farming, Cultivation and Processing of these Coffee, Chocolate, and Sugar Cane. The Cacao Workshop is an on-hands experience about the creation of chocolate as we know it today…

Daily Guided Nature Tour

Every day, the hotel´s in-house naturalist guide takes guests on a complimentary tour of the surrounding forest for an exciting yet educational exploration of this biodiverse area…

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