Birdwatching Tour

Chachagua Rainforest Hotel and Hot Springs Birdwatching Tour is a fantastic experience for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. The tour takes you through the lush rainforest and allows you to observe numerous bird species in their natural habitat. Avid birdwatchers have identified 391 species of birds in Chachagua´s Private Reserve during their visit and the tour itself. Delve into this natural wonderland that is a sanctuary for birdlife, including toucans, motmots, trogons, parrots, hummingbirds, warblers, vultures, and many more.

This bird lovers hot spot has been cataloged as one of the top 40 birdwatching destinations in northern Costa Rica. So, in the company of your experienced guide and as the day is just beginning, your adventure will start as your hike through the forest trails and enjoy this unique experience while the birds are most active. We recommend you check the Cornell University championed eBird Checklist of observed birds in our rainforest before your birdwatching adventure to prepare for this bird orchestra.

Your walk through the forest will be filled with the songs and calls of countless birds as the sun’s rays begin to filter through the rainforest canopy. With professional observation equipment, enjoy identifying the birds’ colors, markings, songs, nests, and mating dances. You may also have the opportunity to see other wildlife, such as monkeys, sloths, and butterflies, during your hike through the rainforest.

After your early morning tour, you will return to the lodge for breakfast. Then, you can continue exploring the rainforest on your own, take a dip in the pool, or relax in your hammock while listening to the sounds of the forest. The tropical gardens that embrace the villas and bungalows have created a symbiotic paradise for pollination, refuge, and delight for bird lovers.

The bird-watching tour at Chachagua Rainforest Hotel is a memorable and educational experience that offers a glimpse into the incredible diversity of bird life in the rainforest. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn about the importance of conservation efforts and the delicate balance of this healthy environment, home to many bird species.

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