Tasting Costa Rica Coffee & Chocolate Class

The Coffee and Chocolate Interactive Tour is a Chachagua signature experience that will take you on a journey of Costa Rican culinary flavors and traditions. From the dining tables of our indigenous ancestors to the foundations of modern Costa Rica, this sensorial workshop is dynamic and delicious!

After a short walk through the beautiful, bio-rich, Chachagua Rainforest, welcome to our hobby farm that sets the scene for our tour of tastes! Start your gastronomical immersion with another Costa Rica taste, sugar cane that we mix with fresh lemon, basil, and a dash of Costa Rica´s national distilled spirit, Cacique.

With your taste buds activated, it is time to learn about Costa Rica´s Golden Bean: Coffee or Café! Introduced to Costa Rica in the early nineteenth century, it became our national treasure and continues to be a favorite at any time of the day! You will roast some locally sourced, quality beans to your preferred strength and then it´s time to grind them, just as our ancestors did. This is your coffee to take home with you and to enjoy while remembering your time in Costa Rica!

After making a coffee in Costa Rica´s traditional “coffee maker”, sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest that surrounds the experimental farm filled with herbs, fruit trees, and much more. For the non-coffee drinkers, try another Costa Rica beverage or a herbal tea.

With your coffee energy boost, it is now time to see why the Aztecs called chocolate the food of the gods and how it is transformed from some fruit on a tree to a delicious snack in a bar and a soothing hot chocolate drink. Using traditional century-old techniques, create your own personalized chocolate bar that is yours to enjoy.

This Tastes of Costa Rica experience is a must for coffee fans, chocolate lovers and foodies. This hands-on gastronomical journey is educational, entertaining, and delicious!

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