Rainforest Night Walk

Most of the rainforest dwellers awake from their slumber and come out of their hiding spots after dark, so why not a nocturnal walk through the forest. Once the sun goes down, the animals come out to hunt, to scavenge and to migrate and this is when the tour and the fun begins.

When a rainforest is amphibian-rich, it is a sign that the forest is healthy and thriving. The Chachagua Nature Reserve is flourishing with frogs, reptiles, sleeping birds and observant mammals. It is living proof of nature in balance and its bountifulness.

Check out the colorful, tiny frogs in the frog pond and lots of other night lifers including snakes, reptiles, and tree dwellers during your walk and where the rainforest takes on a new perspective.

Departs nightly at 6pm

Duration: 2 hours

Reservations: At the concierge desk

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